Where ecology and
economy come together.

With the technology fromHydroDyn® Systems, recycled plastics for the first time achieve qualities that allow for an equivalent substitution of new plastics – and at a fraction of the price. The result of the HydroDyn® process compared to the conventional process: greatly increased material recovery, hardly any waste, no emissions, no chemicals, fewer logistics, drastic water savings, up to 50 per cent less electricity consumption as well as highly pure ground materials or refined regranulates for a market with increasing demand. The time is ripe for the most environmentally, most effective and most economical plastic recycling ever.

  • Unparalleled purity of end products, almost free of pulp and glue
  • Efficient processing of even heavily contaminated plastics
  • Highest yields
  • Simple integration of the system into existing recycling plants
  • Flexible application for all common plastic wastes
  • Unrivaled operating costs
  • High plant availability
  • No chemicals or caustic soda for washing process
  • Closed-cycle water treatment system
  • Low space requirement
  • Low energy consumption
  • Automation/low requirement of personnel