UCC: Compact units for complex tasks

HydroDyn® Systems goes one step further in terms of convenience, efficiency, and simplicity with its container-based design. Universal Compact Cleaner (UCC) is the name of the system units that combine an entire range of benefits in a minimum of space. Each container covers one work step in the process. The units are designed to reduce space requirements and are ideally suited for retrofitting.

Designed as compact and fully functional units, the containers have a significantly smaller number of interfaces. This allows production lines not only to be set up in small spaces, but also to take up production in an unusually short time. Since the containers undergo a complete test run at the factory before delivery, commissioning time is reduced even more.

The advantages:

  • Small number of interfaces allows for trouble-free, quick integration
  • Compact design saves space
  • Test operation performed in advance at the factory
  • Optimum choice for quick retrofitting
  • Individually arranged for each customer

Turbo Washing Box I (TWB I)

Turbo Washing Box II (TWB II)

Perfect Grain Preparation (PGP)

Thermal Drying Unit (TDU)