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The PreciGrind concept of HydroDyn® Systems ensures an exact grinding of the raw materials into flakes. These particles have certain predefined sizes, which are optimally matched to the HydroDyn®-cleaning process.

Material separation

After the precise crushing, the defined flakes are effectively separated from foreign substances. Under the name ValueSeparator, HydroDyn® Systems offers a number of highly effective solutions for the separation of substances.


The HydroDyn® process is based on a precisely controllable friction (hydrodynamic surface friction).This principle will be used in plastic recycling for the first time with the HydroCleaner from HydroDyn®.

Water separation

The contaminated process water is effectively separated from the cleaned flakes in order to reliably prevent any re-contamination.


The thermal high-pressure dryer from HydroDyn® Systems can process hard plastics as well as films. The heating optionally takes place via a gas burner or via an electrically operated air heater. Then the flakes are cooled down to the filling temperature.

Water treatment

The core of the Water Treatment Unit (WTU) is
made up of the filter units and a two-stage flotation system, which reliably removes even the finest impurities from the process water.

It runs. And runs. And runs.

Organic contaminants and pulp are broken down into individual fibers and placed in a suspension which can be easily separated from the plastics by screening.

HydroDyn® systems run fully automatically in continuous, 24–7 operation. Due to the low wear and high quality standards of the units employed, productive operating times of over 8,000 hours per year can be achieved.