Everything under one roof

Planning and realizing a recycling plant involves a number of factors: Do I need new premises? What are the bureaucratic requirements? What is the market looking for? What type of initial material do I have? How can I integrate the plant components I already have on hand? What about personnel resources? Which final material do I want to produce and offer?

HydroDyn® Projects is not only a planer, project developer, plant supplier, and general contractor, it is also an operator of recycling plants. With this wealth of knowledge and experience, HydroDyn® Projects can act as single-source supplier for everything you need – from retrofitting of individual components all the way to a turnkey recycling plant. But planning and realization involve not only our own products. We can also plan and supply plant components from other suppliers, such as units for sorting, dry processing, and granulation.

By operators for operators

As a successful operator of recycling plants, the team of experts at HydroDyn® Projects is familiar not only with the technical side of efficient waste processing, but with the economical aspects of the industry as well. Procurement of raw materials, logistics, legal requirements, market development and trends, state subsidy programs, sales and marketing – at HydroDyn® Projects, we incorporate all of these areas in our planning and customer service activities.

There is one partner for effective, environmentally friendly, and economical plastics recycling which earns the name “cradle to cradle”: HydroDyn® Projects.

The circulation principle “cradle to cradle”