Commercial-Plant Operating and Service System

Operating a plastics recycling plant requires not only innovative technology, optimum interfaces, and ease of maintenance, but above all efficient process control. HydroDyn® Systems works with an integrated process data acquisition (PDA) system. The C-POS (Commercial Plant Operating and Service System) provides for efficient use of recycling plant capacity and optimum maintenance, as well as continuous, transparent data analysis. Around the clock, C-POS ensures:

  • Optimum management of processes and units
  • Continuous quality management for evaluation of the quality of raw materials and product
  • Automated preparation of shift reports
  • Automated maintenance management to achieve optimum plant availability
  • Continuous technical monitoring of process parameters
  • Preparation of economic calculations based on current production data
  • Automated reporting and benchmarking
  • Continuous materials yield analysis
  • The ISO 50001 energy management system

The C-POS from HydroDyn® Systems provides recycling plants with a reliable, transparent, and convenient-to-use control tool that saves on personnel costs while ensuring the efficiency of production processes in the long term.