Turning Recyclable
Materials into
Resalable Materials

Plastics are indispensable elements of our everyday life and one of our greatest environmental problems. Recycling PET, PE and PP has thus far been unsuccessful in recovering new raw materials from plastic waste. But there is now a process that can do just that: the Cleaner technology from HydroDyn© Systems. The patented heart of the system is a hydrodynamic friction wash. With this process, recycled plastics can for the first time achieve qualities that offer an equivalent substitute for new plastics – and at a fraction of the price

HydroDyn® Systems

Plastic recycling redefined
High-technology makes plastic waste into high-quality raw materials – patented with a system that is made in Germany.


The most economical recycling ever
Minimising waste and the consumption of electricity and water while maximising quality and material yield – that‘s how recycling works today.

HydroDyn® Projects

From operator to operator
Development, design, consultation, construction, project management, operation: We get recycling going.


Compact systems for complex tasks
Optimal retrofitting, quick assembly, easy maintenance, space saving units: the efficient container system.


Recycling taken for its word

The patented cleaning process from HydroDyn® Systems generates recycled plastics for the first time that allow for an equivalent substitution of new plastics – and at a fraction of the price.